Crooked Mandolin

by Kyle Ledson

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Debut album for 14 year old, singer songwriter, KYLE LEDSON. Kyle started playing bluegrass music at age 3. Now, eleven years later, and he was ready for the recording studio. Nat Keefe, from Hot Buttered Rum, produced the album. We recorded in analog at Tiny Telephone Recording in San Francisco. Jacob Winik was our sound engineer


released July 11, 2016

Songs Written by Kyle Ledson (except track 7 by Martha Scanlan)
Produced by Nat Keefe
Sound Engineer & Mixing by Jacob Winik
Recorded in Analog @ Tiny Telephone Recording, San Francisco, CA.
Mastered by Jeff Lipton @ Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA.
Assistant Mastering Engineer - Maria Rice


all rights reserved



Kyle Ledson Camptonville, California

What can I say, the music made me do it.

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Track Name: Never Loved Me

When I loved you, you weren't impressed
And all it ever did was get me stressed
When I mentioned leaving you became a different woman
And you begged me to stay here until the end

And you never said you loved me
You said you never cared
But you never let me go anywhere
Now I'm stuck here
No one else to choose
Cause I got them
Cold hard blues

And so I loved her and she loved me
But then she turned back and stung me like a bee
I'm gonna leave her all alone
And I'll pray she never calls me on the phone


She had gone now so far away
And I'll never see her face another day
She won't haunt me in any way
And I'll never regret the time I ran away

She never said she loved me
And I really didn't care
Nothing she ever said was ever fair
She had me stuck here with noone else to choose
But now I lost them cold hard blues
You know I lost them cold hard blues
Track Name: Don't Come to Me

Look in this mirror tell me what you see
You said nothing nothing to me
But you know exactly what's hidden in there
A broken heart with money and nothing to share

You'd do anything for that green dollar bill
Even after she left you believed in it still
Look at you now you fell overboard
Love just ain't something that you can afford

What if it was the last day of your life
What if it was time to fly away
What if the treasure burned down
and you were in the blaze
Don't come to me to change your ways

I was surprised I expected more
Your fighting the current to get to shore
But it keeps pulling you back to the sea
Forgiveness is something that you won't get from me


I will let go and hear you talk
It's not like I'm showing you which way to walk
Don't come to me and complain and to whine
Cause you won't feel better if I told you your fine

Track Name: Road Signs

The streets are filled with road signs as far as I can see
The first one says there's a dead end it doesn't look like that to me
The alleyways are dark and there's a big cloud in sky
I can't see the sun but i can see right through your lies

You don't know me
And I'm still afraid of you
I'm all bark and your all bite and
I'm still talking I can't listen
We are broken and you're running away

From the branches and the brambles and the roof above the trees
Footsteps on the barren path and secrets in the breeze
Thought I could see farther than I'd ever seen before
I knew that I was fighting but who was I fighting for


Help me to understand why you must be alone
Like being gone when you are wrong and never coming home
It's the farthest thing from love but it is closest to my heart
I'm gonna back up from the finish line and find out how it starts


As all the years pass by me, my freedom I hold true
But all this time running I'd still love to be with you
So I'll just keep on traveling down this barren path astray
You never learned to come but you mastered how to stay

Track Name: Sleepy Willow (part 1)

There is plenty of space over here
Because they knew that you'd come
When she sees you on the other side
You’ll realize there's nothing to be afraid of

There's the tallest hill below you
So far it's nearly gone
Sometimes the earth will tilt on its side
And I need you to hold me till it's dawn

I lead myself to believe
That our paths won't intertwine
That is something that is out of reach
And I can't get you out of my mind

Oh I I can't get you out of my mind
Track Name: Sleepy Willow (part 2)

I was hit and it hurt
Cast away on the cold hard dirt
You didn't even call out my name

And so I waited patiently
Until the tides pulled me out to sea
But I loved you all the same

One hundred stars can shine as one
Can't blister me like you have done
And I'm crying by the fire in the rain

I'm holding on for my dear life
And I wish I was holding you tight
But I can't see because of all the pain

Yeah I'm tired of thinking I should follow my heart
Cause I'm damn near sure it's tearing us apart

Yeah I'm tired of thinking I should follow my heart
Cause I'm damn near sure it's tearing us apart

Tearing us apart

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